Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crime Time

Is it just me who is reading too many crime incidents or has it really increased recently? Either way, none of these series of incidents are acceptable. Are there any solutions to these problems?

What does one do if the police itself is responsible for such heinous acts?

The entire country needs to own responsibility for this.

There are people who do not spare the ones they "love".

Militancy is not new to Jammu & Kashmir. But can anything be done about this perennial problem? Why do we remain unaffected even after numerous incidents every month? Will we react the same way if a place like Bombay or Bangalore faced similar incidents for a month?

These are just a few incidents I read today. Everyday the papers seem to be full of such incidents. I can think of atleast 5-6 criminal incidents in the recent past straight off the hat. Maybe all this is a result of the media sensationalizing incidents and making a big hash out them. But why, oh.. why are such incidents happening at this rate in the first place?

5 and 5 is 55!

Tagged onto this by elf. Well, this thing's being going around for a while now I guess. Anyway, all of you reading this can give it a shot. Here's a lame attempt from me:

He was driving down a lonely road late night. There was noone in sight until he saw this lady standing by the road requesting for a lift.
He drove on past his home as her destination was much further on though common sense told him to stop.
She smiled as she knew he'd never return.

Why don't you respect me?

Did you ever feel that someone isn't showing the respect due to you? Has it ever happened that you made a stupid attempt at pleasing someone? Have you gone back on any recently made promise? Ever waited for really long to get a membership in a club?

Well, you are not the only one. As can be seen here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Best Ever!

As the series between Australia and the Rest of the World is going on and Australia re-asserts their strength(thanks largely to Gilchrist's form), there has been lots of talk and debate over the selection of the players for the Rest of the World team and whether they actually are the best in the world right now. I daresay there are many names which could and should have been there. However, it is impossible to please everyone and most of the players chosen will undoubtedly feature in everyone's team. I found this which tells one about all the ROW teams in the history of the game.

The whole world is currently going gaga over Freddie Flintoff who was the chief architect in England's victory in the Ashes after 18 years. With due to respect to Flintoff's talents as a cricketer, I think this article summarizes just why this man was and still is the best ever!