Friday, May 16, 2008

Incredible India Indeed!

In the beginning of March this year, after our alma mater was through with the placement season, six people set off on a journey which will stay in their memory for a long time to come. No, this was not a life-changing journey or anything. If you had walked into IIM Indore and picked six arbit people from my batch, you would be hard pressed to find a similar group of such six seemingly unrelated characters. But what the heck! How does it matter who travels with you so long as you have a good time. With this philosophy, all of us set out to perhaps some of the most unexplored areas in our country – the North East.

The Characters:
1. Vignesh – Better known as Viggy, the accountant in the group who realized the true value of the double entry book keeping during the trip. Also the constant worrier and the biggest question bank imaginable
2. Arun – AKB, doing a lot of free-riding when it came to maintaining accounts, conveniently giving the excuse of alcohol. All he has to say about this is - "Its ok da!"
3. Manas – Mona. It takes him exactly 20 seconds to fall asleep in any moving vehicle no matter how bad the roads are or how uncomfortable the position. Used to wake up once every four hours for status updates!

4. Vijay – Puttasura, easily the most relaxed guy in the group. He makes sure everyone else gets affected with his LOUD snoring. Yes, everyone except the sleeping Mona vouches for that!
5. Vikas – Vicca aka King of Dogs aka Junglorean – as big a coward as any one can imagine and a staunch Bombay-worshipping (err....i should say Mumbai worshipping!) wannabe shiv-sainik. He got the most nicknames during the course of the trip, the best one being “Non-Stop Nonsense” coined by Puttasura
6. Vivek – Iyerru, the planner in the group along with Viggy who left his mark on every single toilet seat in all the places visited during the trip!

For my convenience, I have broken the trip into broadly four different phases mentioned below, the details of which you can read by clicking on the associated links.

Part 1: The journey to the abode of clouds (Meghalaya) - We could have done with some rain in one of the wettest places on planet earth. You can read about the places to visit and click here to get a glimpse of what we saw.
Part 2: Brahmaputra Calling – Every conceivable thing in Assam is associated with Brahmaputra. Every city seems to be within touching distance of the river as well. For more on our experience in Assam, click here.
Part 3: Ola Sho Sho – This local song in Arunachal Pradesh seemed like a perfect blend with the beautiful landscape. Our trip to the north east can even be described in 2 parts – i) Before Bomdila and ii) Bomdila and Afterwards. Click here to read more.
Part 4: The Land of Teesta – Only three among the six characters made their way to the home of Baichung Bhutia. Mr. Iyerru sadly missed out on all the fun we had in the snow capped Himalayas near the Indo-China border in Sikkim. Our snowy experience has been described here in detail.


Gayatri said...

the fotos u`ve put up are simply awesome! couldn`t see all of `em though. visiting this part of the country has gone into my list of "to do" before i die!


Marketer said...

nice post man...with awesome descriptions of characters in ur flick!

Hows life?