Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Independent" politics

Watching the discussion on "We the people" on NDTV today has made me finally break the silence on this blog. The main discussion was on the relevance of two independent candidates contesting the general elections in 2009 - Captain Gopinath from South Bangalore and Meera Sanyal from South Mumbai. The crowd participating in the discussion was of course largely the urban middle-class crowd, which is of course the target for these specific candidates. However, I do not wish to get into a discussion on the suitability of their candidature as independents. Even though I am not really hopeful that they will win, I think it is a good sign that they are contesting and want to do something about a cause they believe in.

The discussion itself revolved around corrupt politicians and the need for "change" (isn't that the buzzword everywhere nowadays!) from the current system. However, two points particularly struck me - One was a comment saying that the Indian middle class considers itself as far more important than what they eventually are in the context of elections. And the other interesting point was from an IIT professor who said that in twenty years of his experience, whenever he has gone with a good idea to either bureaucrats or politicians, it is the politicians who always supported him! Incredible uh? I was wondering at the end of the debate whether these debates will really result in something constructive coming out of them. For our country's sake, let's hope they do!

Speaking of elections, I am one of the lakhs of people who will not be voting this year (I am not registered in Mumbai to vote and I am not planning to travel to Bhilai on election date where my name features in the voters' list). I will end up in the category of people who will voice their opinion on the elections, criticize candidates/parties/stars and what not and eventually, do nothing about it! For a sense of self-satisfaction to tell myself that I have done something atleast, let me point the handful of people who may read this post to my friend's blog on shaking people. Alternately, you can also log onto to find out more.


bharathi said...

Hi Arun,

Blogging after almost after 10 months. Nice post.... nothing is going to change...Many of the "Independent" ll be purchased at the end of the game.........well its good harvest time for the media people, Each one running there own talk time, opinion poll and what not......

bharathi said...

Hi Arun,

Blogging after almost 10 months. Nice post.... nothing is going to change...Many of the "Independent" ll be purchased at the end of the game.........well its good harvest time for the media people, Each one running there own talk time, opinion poll and what not......

12:52 AM

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